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2024 Community Service Grant Program Application

  1. Must be the local branch address
  2. Must be the Executive Director or their designated representative.
  3. Include a brief description of the relationship of your non-profit organization to the residents of the City of Westlake Village (Los Angeles County)
  4. Los Angeles County only and broken down into age groups if possible.
  5. Please separate S= V= M=
  6. Please indicate if any of the grant funds would be used for any other purpose than those designated such as overhead, national office, or administrative salaries.
  7. Please indicate if you have received funds in the past, the amount of funds received, the year they were awarded, and how the funds were utilized.
  8. Uploading Material Information
    Please note that each box will only upload one document. Please scan and submit all materials as one PDF for each category and then upload them. If you upload more than one item, only the final item will be sent with your application.
  9. Please upload the past year's financial statements including the current year with the balance sheets and profit/loss statements in a PDF format. Must also include a document indicating the percentage of revenue received that is used for administration, salaries, and program costs alongside a breakdown and description of non-profit organization's sources of revenue.
  10. Copy of same sets of paperwork from two years ago.
  11. Please upload the proof of 501(c)(3) status with a copy of the letter from the IRS in a PDF format.
  12. Please upload the copy of the non-profit organizations Board of Directors, Officers, and an organizational chart in a PDF format.
  13. If you have any marketing information, event flyers, or additional paperwork here. Please scan as all one PDF document.
  14. By typing in my name I am acknowledging the submission of this document.
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