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Public Safety Advisory Board Application


    Please fill out the entire application. The Advisory Board appointment term is two years., however, five positions will have a 3 year term to ensure that entire Board doesn't expire in 2025.  We are recruiting for six (6) positions - 1 position will end March 2025; 5 positions will end March 2026 (3 year appointments).

    You must be a resident of the City of Westlake Village (Los Angeles County) to be considered for appointment.

    No more than two members may reside in the same Homeowners Association.

    Recruitment closes Friday, June 23, 2023 at 5 pm.   If the recruitment is extended, all applicants will be notified.

  2. Please include a brief summary of your personal qualifications, including education, past or current employment, general community/civic involvement, etc., which may be considered pertinent in serving on this board.

  3. Please include a brief summary of your fields of interest pertaining to potential appointment to the Board.

  4. If appointed, you will be required to attend Public Safety Advisory Board Meetings, which are held in-person, quarterly as needed.     

    Please type your initials to acknowledge attendance of meetings is required.

  5. Members of the Board must file a Statement of Economic Interest, Form 700, as the position is listed in the City’s Conflict of Interest Resolution. Assuming Office filing due within 30 days of appointment, annual thereafter and when term ends, a leaving office statement within 30 days.

    Please type your initials to acknowledge this requirement.

  6. By typing in your name below you are signing that all the above information is true and accurate. In addition, this serves as an acknowledgment that you would like to submit your application.
  7. Upload any supporting documentation, as a single PDF document, that may assist the interviewing panel on your qualifications and reasons you would like to be appointed to the Public Safety Advisory Board.

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