Planning and Building Records

Planning Records

To obtain copies of planning project approval documents or files including Conditional Use Permits, Planned Development Permits, and Zoning Clearances, please call City Hall at 818-706-1613 or email

Please note that most files are stored off-site, and it may take several days to retrieve such records.

Building Records

The City of Westlake Village contracts with the County of Los Angeles for all building and safety services. As such, the County is the custodian of all related documents and files including building permits, plans, and certificates of occupancy. These documents are not available at City Hall and must be obtained from the County.

Permit status information and copies of some permits are available online through the County's Building Permit Viewer.

To request copies of documents not available through the online viewer, please call the County permit office in Calabasas at 818-880-4150 or email