Oversize Vehicle Permits

Oversize vehicles may not be parked on a public street without first obtaining an Oversize Vehicle Permit from the City Manager. An oversize vehicle is defined as any vehicle, trailer, or vehicle and trailer together that exceed any of the following dimensions:

  • 21 feet long
  • 80 inches wide (not including mirrors)
  • 82 inches tall

Please apply for a permit online using the link below. Please note that permits are issued at the discretion of the City Manager, and applying for a permit does not guarantee its issuance. To provide adequate time for permit processing, please submit your application at least five business days before you wish to park.

Apply Online


Oversize Vehicle Permits Issued

The table below shows all Oversize Vehicle Permits issued for upcoming dates. If you see an oversize vehicle parked on a public street that is not on the list below and/or is not displaying an Oversize Vehicle Permit, please contact the Sheriff's Department.

Commercial Vehicles

Oversize vehicle permits are available for non-commercial vehicles only. Commercial vehicles are subject to the following parking restrictions:

Residential Streets

Commercial vehicles may not park on a residential street except when actively engaged in the delivery or pick-up of goods or materials, or actively engaged in construction, repair, or maintenance activity on a residential property.

Non-Residential Streets

Commercial vehicles may park on a non-residential street for up to 4 hours. Commercial vehicles may park for longer than 4 hours only when actively loading or unloading the vehicle.