Temporary Use Permits

A Temporary Use Permit is required for any short term use or event within the City of Westlake Village, such as, street fairs, charity events, temporary outdoor entertainment, etc.

To obtain a Temporary Use Permit (TUP), a TUP application with the Hold Harmless Agreement must be submitted to City Planning staff, along with a detailed description of the event, a site plan of the event location, and proof of general liability insurance.

The TUP submittal must contain the following items in order to be considered complete and able to be processed:

  • A copy of the Development Application and Hold Harmless Agreement, as well as the notarized signature of property owner when events are to occur on private property.
  • The fee for a Temporary Use Permit is $150, with charitable fund raising events events being exempt from the filing fee.
  • A detailed description of the event to include starting and ending times, the event date(s), estimated number of attendees and event workers, and the number and type of activities and any food service options.
  • A site plan showing the event location, including the location of any activities, booths, and food service, as well as the location of any permanent or temporary structures, property lines, and streets.
  • A copy of a Los Angeles County Fire Department permit for an event (or written documentation of event’s exemption from a Fire permit)
  • Proof of general liability insurance must contain:
    • Covering any and all damages or claims for damages due to injuries to persons or property arising out of the event, its preparation, or cleanup.
    • The policy shall be issued by an insurance company admitted to do business in the State of California and possessing a rating in the most recent edition of Best's Insurance Guide of B+; VII or better.
    • The insurance coverage shall be at least $2,000,000 in the aggregate, and at least $1,000,000 per occurrence.
    • The "City of Westlake Village and its officers, officials, employees, agents, and volunteers" shall be named as additional insured on a separate “Additional Insured” endorsement document.

For additional information or clarification on the requirements for a Temporary Use Permit, please view our submittal requirements, or contact the City of Westlake Village Planning Department at 818-706-1613