Lindero walkway and beautification Project

Lindero Walkway Beautification Split Pathway with Elevation

Formerly known as the Lindero Linear Project, the Lindero Sidewalk and Beautification Project is scheduled to begin construction in September 2018. The project will include a meandering walkway, water efficient plants and vines, new trees, and an environmental bio-swale to help clean storm water that flows to the storm drains and eventually the ocean. The new plants and vines will help to screen the existing flood control channel and adjacent homes from the walkway and the street. During the construction period, there may be removal of selected plants and other vegetation, the existing pathway, and some trees to create new spaces and a wider pathway that can accommodate wheelchairs, strollers, dog walkers, and joggers.

When completed, this new project will allow residents to safely walk and jog along Lindero Canyon Road all the way to Agoura Road. Please note that the City will be  sending additional information on the project to residents that live near the project area in the coming weeks. Please do not hesitate to contact the City’s Engineering Department with any questions about this project.

Please view a map of the project location.

The following exhibit provide a sample of the proposed designs.
Exhibit 1