Lindero Channel Parkway Project

The City is undertaking a project to improve the parkway area next to the existing Lindero Canyon Road flood control channel, located between Agoura Road and Foxfield Drive. Construction of the proposed improvements is expected to commence either late next spring or early summer.

Overall, the project is intended to meet several goals including the creation of an off-road pedestrian pathway to improve safety, the screening of the existing channel for aesthetic purposes, and the beautification of the entire parkway area between the existing curb and a recently constructed fence next to the storm drain. The proposed improvements will also feature seating areas along the walkway for pedestrians to stop and enjoy the parkway setting. Other proposed amenities include entry/gateway signage features at the Foxfield Drive and Agoura Road intersections, fence and gate embellishments to screen several flood control chain link gates, low level pathway lighting for nighttime use, and several unique hardscape features to provide interest along the pathway.

Please view a map of the project location.

The following exhibits provide a sample of the proposed designs.
Exhibit 1
Exhibit 2
Exhibit 3
Exhibit 4
Exhibit 5