Land Development

Public and Private Land Development

The Engineering and Public Works Department is responsible for the engineering review and processing of private development applications as well as plan check, inspection, and coordination of infrastructure construction activities resulting from the development process. The City contracts with the LA County Public Works Department for issuance of building permits, grading permits, and encroachment permits. Therefore, these Land Development permit applications will be filed through LA County and undergo a parallel review by county staff and City staff prior to permit issuance.


Review of development applications is required to determine the impact of proposed developments on City infrastructure including water, streets, and storm drain facilities. Applications for tentative subdivision, parcel maps, use permits, lot line adjustments, building permits, and grading are reviewed and conditions of approval are prepared to mitigate development impacts.

Engineering staff assure that the development of public improvements is accomplished in accordance with applicable state laws and City code requirements. The staff reviews improvement plans and agreements, bonds, deeds, and offers of dedication associated with a wide range of development projects. Staff also inspects and coordinates with other City departments, agencies and utility companies as well as provide assistance to private developers and the general public as required throughout the development process.