Encroachment Permits

Events in the Public Right of Way

An encroachment permit is generally required whenever an improvement or activity will occur within City right-of-way. Typical permits encompass utility construction, excavation, parades, runs, and temporary storage of dumpsters or building materials stored in the City streets.


Permit applicants for any construction activities in public right-of-way must obtain an encroachment permit from the City prior to the start of any activity. Actual application submittals will be to the City Engineer's office via the City website, email (in PDF format), fax, or delivered to City Hall. In addition to the application, the applicant must submit a Certificate of Liability Insurance naming the City of Westlake Village, 31200 Oak Crest Dr., Westlake Village, CA 91361 as additional insured and a separate additional insured endorsement naming the City of Westlake Village. Following review by the City Engineering staff and the review of the traffic control plans by the City’s Traffic Engineer and the payment of all associated fees, issuance of the permit will be performed. An encroachment permit application form can either be downloaded from the link below or obtained from the front counter of City Hall. The contact information for the City Engineer’s office serving the City of Westlake Village’s encroachment process is:
Mario Cisneros
Email: MCisneros@willdan.com
Phone: 818-706-1613
Fax: 818-706-1391

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Encroachment Permit Application Form (PDF for email or fax)

Encroachment Permit Fee Schedule