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Standards for Artificial Turf
Minimum Standards for Artificial Turf
The Westlake Village City Council has recently introduced a set of minimum standards that all artificial turf in the City of Westlake Village must meet.  These standards are to ensure that any artificial turf installed in the City obtains the certain level of quality and aesthetics that are associated with Westlake Village.  Detailed below, these standards include provisions for materials, colors, and other product specifications.

What is required to install artificial turf
The first step before considering artificial turf is to talk to your Home Owner's Association (HOA).  Even though the City has adopted a minimum set of standards, HOAs can create further restrictions beyond the City's standards, and may require approval by the HOA board or architectural committee prior to installation.

Once the HOA has approved the change in landscaping to artificial turf, its installation can begin.

Please be aware that it is solely the property owner's responsibility to ensure that artificial turf meets both the City and HOA standards prior to installation, in addition to being solely responsible for the artificial turf's maintenance and/or replacement costs over the life span of the turf. In addition to the water conservation potential, property owners should carefully consider the costs and benefits of using artificial turf, including the costs of maintenance over time, the cost of replacement in the future, the work required to revert back to natural turf, the potential heat generation associated with artificial turf, as well as the cost savings for water and lawn maintenance.

Key requirements
  • Minimum Warranty of 8 years for full replacement against manufacturers defects, installation, ultra-violet light degradation, and weed barrier.
  • Turf material is required to be 100% polyethylene, with a thatch of polypropylene or nylon.
  • Acceptable colors are blends "field green," "olive green," and "lime green" to create a natural look, with thatch to be brown or tan.
  • Blade height can be no lower than 1.75 inches.
  • Turf needs to have a minimum weight of 80 ounces per square yard with a turf to thatch weight ratio of 65% turf weight to 35% thatch weight.

Artificial Turf Standards

As of February 27, 2016, the Property Maintenance section of the Westlake Village Municipal Code has been changed to include the following language as it relates to artificial turf.  These are the standards that artificial turf must meet in the City:

“The use of artificial turf in any yard area that is visible from a public street, sidewalk or any other public right-of-way, or that is within the front yard area of a flag lot, unless such turf meets the following standards:

a.         General Requirements.

i.        The turf blades shall be not less than 1.75 inches long and shall be a combination of turf and thatch. Turf shall be 100% polyethylene monofilament fiber. Thatch shall be made of polypropylene or nylon. Artificial turf shall be at a minimum weight of 80 ounces per square yard. Turf to thatch weight ratio shall be 65% turf weight to 35% thatch weight.

ii.       The turf shall have the ability to drain water at a rate of not less than 6 inches of rain per hour, per square yard.

iii.      The infill system shall consist of #20 or #30 grit sand, zeolite or coated core infill product, spread evenly at a rate of no less than 1 pound of infill per square foot.

iv.      Products without a thatching system are prohibited.

v.       The turf shall be installed by a licensed contractor and maintained to industry standard, with no edges exposed.

vi.      The turf shall be kept in a state of good repair, with rips, tears, or other damage repaired

b.         Minimum Properties.

i.        Overall weight shall be no less than 80 ounces per square yard.

ii.       Slit film products are prohibited.

iii.      Pile height shall be no lower than 1.75 inches.

iv.      Tufting gauge shall be no less than 3/8 inch.

v.       Colors for turf shall be field green, lime green, and olive green blends for a natural look. Colors for thatch shall be tan or brown.

vi.      Primary backing materials shall be stabilized 13 pick, double layered, woven polypropylene.

vii.     Secondary backing materials shall be polyurethane.

c.         Base.

i.        The base shall consist of no less than 2 inches of a permeable base mixture compacted and shaped for a natural look.

ii.       The base underneath the turf shall be fastened in a manner so that the base materials will hold their form.

iii.      Base materials shall consist of Class 2 road base that will shape, compact and drain at a rate not less than the approved turf. A substitute material may be used if deemed to be equally permeable by the Planning Director.

iv.      Neither rubber nor decomposed granite shall be used as the base system.

v.       Any securing stakes shall be no shorter than 5 inches and shall be galvanized. 

d.         Warranties.

i.        The turf shall come with a minimum one year warranty against installation defects.

ii.       The turf shall come with a minimum eight year, full replacement warranty against manufacturer's defects or ultra violet light degradation.

iii.      A geotextile weed block fabric shall be included with the installation.”