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Temporary Event and Grand Opening Banners
Who can hang a temporary banner?

The City of Westlake Village allows non-profit events that benefit the community to hang event banners for up to 4 consecutive weeks prior to the event.  This exception to the City's restriction on banners and temporary signs only applies to an event organized by a non-profit organization or for a charitable cause.  

The event must also be a benefit to the immediate community to qualify for the exception.

Additionally, new businesses may hang a 'Grand Opening' or 'Coming Soon' banner for up to 2 consecutive weeks on their business

What types of signs can be hung in town and for how long?

The City allows for a banner of up to 35 square feet to be hung for the charitable event or grand opening.  The only acceptable sign type is a banner. No feather flags, A-Frame signs, signs with any lights, non stationary signs, small plastic signs on wire frames, or any of the sign types outlines in Section 9.18.130 - Prohibited Signs of the City's Municipal Code, with the exception of the allowable banners.

All banners must be designed with earth tone colors, and be used to advertise the charitable event or establishment's opening only.

Charitable event banners my remain up for up to 4 weeks prior to the final day of the event. Grand opening banners may remain up for 2 consecutive weeks to advertise the new business.

Where can event banners be placed around town?

Charitable Event Banners

There are various places around town that can support the temporary event banners. Common privately owned locations for banners include the corner of Lindero Canyon Road and Russell Ranch Road on the Pierce Brothers Cemetery fence, The corner of Lakeview Canyon and Agoura Road, and the Corner of Thousand Oaks Boulevard and Lindero Canyon Road.  

You must first obtain the authorization of the property owner, prior to placing any event banners on their property.

There are some City owned locations that are also acceptable to place banners, so long as you have first obtained authorization from the Planning Department prior to sign placement.  Please note that the south side corners of Agoura Road and Lindero Canyon Road are off limits to any banners, as well as the corner of Agoura Road and Oak Crest Drive, on the Civic Center property.

Banners or signs cannot be placed in any medians, on public right-of-way, in any location that would inhibit movement of pedestrians, bicycles, or vehicles, or would create line of sign obstructions that would impact public safety.

Grand Opening Banners

A single grand opening or coming soon banners must only be hung on the establishment to advertise the new business.  Once placed, the banner can be up for up to 2 consecutive weeks.

I'm a non-profit organization with a locally charitable event, a banner under 35 square feet in earth tones, it's 4 weeks before the event, and I have the ok of the property owner. Can I place my banners now?

Not quite yet!

Before placing any of your banners you will want to contact the City of Westlake Village Planning Department.  Banner size and design as well as any banners that are proposed to be placed on City property, needs to be approved by the Planning Department, prior to placement around the city, even if you meet the required criteria.  With Planning Department approval, you can place your banners around town and begin to advertise the event.

Same goes for grand openings. Contact the Planning Department prior to putting up any banners, and make sure they don't last for longer than 2 weeks.