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City Newsletter Transforms Into A Television Program                 CITYNEWS_212.png

The City’s monthly newsletter was first transformed each month into an “interview style” television program that was aired on the City’s community television station, Channel Ten and the City's website. In October 2016, the video newsletter was reformatted to feature informational community correspondent pieces and one featured interview a month. This monthly program will air at 6:30 pm Thursday and Friday evenings, and other times throughout the week on Channel 10 and may be viewed online at anytime by clicking below.


Watch the November 2016 Video Newsletter
This month features community correspondents segments about Agoura High School, Book Nook, Green Scene, Public Works, Tech Talk, City staff, Conejo Rec and Park District, Lost Hills Sheriff's Station, Conejo Valley Chamber of Commerce, Westlake Village Library, Book Nook, and  a featured interview regarding the City's new dog park.

Watch the October 2016 Video Newsletter
This month features community correspondents segments about Agoura High School, Book Nook, Green Scene, Public Works, Tech Talk, City staff, Conejo Rec and Park District, Lost Hills Sheriff's Station, Conejo Valley Chamber of Commerce, Westlake Village Library, Book Nook, and  a featured interview regarding the City's 35th Anniversary.

Watch the August 2016 Video Newsletter
City to Schools
Platinum Groove and City Celebration Preview
TGIF Sinatra Night
Westlake Village Skate Park
Blue Sun Music Festival Traffic and Safety Information

Watch the July 2016 Video Newsletter

Behind the scenes at the 4th of July Fireworks show
School is starting- WLV Transit segment
Summer Concerts ABBAFab
Cabrillo Disney Night

Watch the June 2016 Video Newsletter
Camp Westlake Village
Citizen, Youth, and Older American of the Year 2016
Meet the Intern
Saturdays In the Park- 80z All Stars
Agoura Road and Lakeview Canyon Intersection Update
Street Resurfacing Update
4th of July Checklist

Watch the May 2016 Video Newsletter
Preview of the recently approved Dog Park
Update on Lakeview Canyon Road
Need to report dangerous driving call STTOP
Want to save a life?  Learn Sidewalk CPR
4th of July in Westlake Village

Watch the April 2016 Video Newsletter
Spring Cleaning and Recycling Tips
White Oak Elementary School Earth Day
Meet the New Library Manager Julie Frieze
Westlake Village "Original" Bud Fish
TGIF/Saturdays in the Park Preview

Watch the March 2016 Video Newsletter
Summer Entertainment Line-Up
Preview of Agoura High School's Spring Musical "Once Upon A Mattress"
Broadband Enhancement Project 
White Oak Elementary School's "Women In History"
Profile of City funded Anti-Crime License Plate Reader Patrol Car Technology

Watch the February 2016 Video Newsletter

Up Close with Sheriff's Deputy Robert "Guido" DeSantis who will be retiring in April
Westlake Village "Original" Don Zimring
Lindero Canyon Middle School's production of "Mary Poppins"
Westlake Village Library's "Is it Magic or is it Science?"
Westlake Village Housing Rehabilitation Program

Watch the January 2016 Video Newsletter

Behind the Scenes Tour of CLU's Center for Entrepreneurship
Update on City's 2025 Strategic Plan and Residents Survey
Update on Westlake Village Reads
Update on broadband enhancement Strategy


2015 Mayor's Year in Review
Take a look back at the stories, people, and projects that made Westlake Village great in 2015.  

Watch the November 2015 Video Newsletter
El Nino Preparedness
A look back at 2015 Municipal Election
Meet the City Staff
Christmas Tree Recycling 

Watch the October 2015 Video Newsletter
City Celebration 2015 White Oak Elementary Family Fun Festival
Westlake Village Century Bike Ride
Westlake Village Rides
Triunfo YMCA Goblin Gallop
Video Newsletter NATOA Awards

Watch the September 2015 Video Newsletter
City Celebration - White Oak Fun Fair Preview
November 3 Municipal Election
Westlake Village Cooks and Eats
Proposed City Technology Programs
Final Saturday in the Park Concert - "Boogie Knights"

Watch the August 2015 Video Newsletter
Citizens of the Year
Westlake Village Rides
TGIF - Dixieland Jazz
Westlake Village Cooks and Eats
Westlake Village Library Summer Reading Program

Watch the July 2015 Video Newsletter
Saturday in the Park - Eagles Tribute Band
Westlake Village Community Park
TGIF - Cabrillo Music Theater
City Guidelines on Turf Replacement
4th of July in Westlake Village

Watch the May 2015 Video Newsletter
Summer Events - Village Trolley, 4th of July and TGIF!
Dedication Ceremony - Lindero Canyon Road Bridge
Young Resident Does His Part to Help Clean Lake
Crosswalk Safety

Watch the April 2015 Video Newsletter
4th Grade Gold Rush Program at White Oak Elementary
April 11 Opening of the Westlake Village Community Park Ball Fields
"Every Fifteen Minutes" Program at Agoura High School
Rotary Club of Westlake Village 2015 Street Festival

Watch the March 2015 Video Newsletter
Interview with Los Angeles County Sheriff Chief Bill McSweeney
Lindero Canyon Middle School Spring Musical- "Bye Bye Birdie"
Community Concert and Jazz Band
Westlake Village Street Festival 2015

Watch the February 2015 Video Newsletter
Capitol Improvement Projects Update
New Literacy and Public Outreach Program for the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department
White Oak Update
Westlake Village Parks- An Aerial View

Watch the January 2015 Video Newsletter
Westlake Village Reads
Comedy Sportz Improv at AHS
Westlake Village Disaster Response Team and Community Emergency Response Team courses
Westlake Village Original Bob Raser


Watch the 2014 Mayor's Year in Review
2014 Mayor Mark Rutherford takes a look back at some of the more popular segments of 2014.

Watch the November 2014 Video Newsletter
Halloween in Three Springs
Community Services Grant Program
Youth and Citizen of the Year
Agoura High's Fall Play "Fools" by Neil Simon
Village Trolley - Holiday Special
Christmas Tree Disposal

Watch the October 2014 Video Newsletter
A Look Back at City Celebration 2014
Westlake Village Community Park and Triunfo YMCA Site Hard Hat Tour
Remembering Ray Prouty

Watch the September 2014 Video Newsletter
Las Virgenes Municipal Water District Water Conservation Efforts
City of Westlake Village Water Conservation Efforts
LA County Sheriff's Department Volunteers on Patrol
Westlake Village Library E-Publishing Program
City Celebration 2014 Preview

Watch the August 2014 Video Newsletter
On Board the Village Trolley
Silverados Concert in the Park
Durell Coleman and the Super Soul Motown Band Concert in the Park
Tour of City Parks

Watch the July 2014 Video Newsletter
6th Annual Chalk Walk
Saturday in the Park: World Tour Legends of Rock
TGIF: Cabrillo Music Theatre
4th of July in WLV
TGIF: Movie Night- Finding Nemo
Agoura Road Pathway Project

Watch the June 2014 Video Newsletter
Westlake Village Trolley
4th of July Parade and Fireworks
Meet new Sheriff's Lieutenant Jenn Barsh
Coverage of TGIF Jazz Night
Westlake Village "Original" Diana Malmquist

Watch the May 2014 Video Newsletter
Coverage of the Amgen Tour of California
Preview of Westlake Village Summer Events
Updates on Community Park and Lindero Canyon Bridge Construction Projects
Highlights of the 2014 City/School Mock City Council Meeting

Watch the April 2014 Video Newsletter
Information on the May 18 Amgen Tour of California Bike Race
Westlake Village Street Fair
Special Westlake Village "Originals" with First mayor John McDonough and First City Manager Jim Emmons
Information on the City's Information Technology Strategic Plan Project
Highlights of White Oak Elementary's 4th Grade Gold Rush Experience

Watch the March 2014 Video Newsletter
Interview with LVMWD General Manager Dave Pedersen on the state drought and its effect on the City
Update on the Lindero Canyon Bridge Construction Project
Interview with So Cal Edison's Rudy Gonzales
Westlake Village "Original" Stan Sutton
Community Preservation Program

Watch the February 2014 Video Newsletter
Construction Begins at the Westlake Village Community Park
Sneak preview of Lindero Canyon Middle School's Winter Musical "13"
Housing Element Update
Spotlight on Westlake Village Reads
Westlake Village Original Kris Carraway-Bowman

Watch the January 2014 Video Newsletter
Update on the progress of the Lindero Canyon/101 Freeway Bridge Project
Agoura High School Winter Sports Preview
2014 Westlake Village Reads
Preview of Ray Prouty's book, "Westlake Village: A City in the Country"


Watch the 2013 Video Newsletter Year in Review

Watch December 2013 Special Edition Video Newsletter Segment
Segment on the proposed In'N'Out with City Manager Ray Taylor and Planning Director Scott Wolfe

Watch the October 2013 Video Newsletter
Information on the November 5 General Municipal Election
Profile on Westlake Village resident and Agoura High School Athlete Dominick Beaudine
Westlake Village Orginal Margie Price
Information on the Bark Beetle and its Effects on Pine Trees

Watch the September 2013 Video Newsletter
Highlights from the Beatles Tribute Concert
City Celebration 2013
Highlights from the Final TGIF Performance "Quattro"
Agoura High School Athletics Fall Preview
Lindero Canyon Bridge Construction Project Starting September 23

Watch the August 2013 Video Newsletter
Highlights of the Queen Tribute Concert
Information on Westlake Village Transit and Senior and Disabled Dial A Ride Programs
Westlake Village "Original" Ed Lawrence - Conejo Valley Historical Photographer
Lindero Canyon Bridge Construction Project
Highlights of the TGIF Outdoor Screening of "Ratatouille"

Watch the July 2013 Video Newsletter
Highlights of the Elvis Tribute Concert
Highlights of the Cabrillo Music Theatre TGIF Event
Coverage of the 4th of July Parade
Information on the Proposed Senior Housing Project at the Former Westlake Medical Center Property
Westlake Village "Original" Ray Brownfield
Cycling Safety Tips

Watch the June 2013 Video Newsletter
Annual Memorial Day Event
TGIF Jazz Night Featuring a Tribute to Agoura High School Music Teacher John Mosley
City/School Program - The City's civic education program with White Oak Elementary's 4th grade students
Westlake Village "Original" featuring Tony Tramonto

Watch the May 2013 Video Newsletter
Meet new Malibu/Lost Hills Sheriff's Station Captain Pat Davoran
2013 Youth of the Year Winner Brooke Rutherford and Katya Kramer
2013 Older Adult of the Year Joanne Robinson
Neighborhood Beautification Program
Westlake Village "Original" John Notter

Watch the April 2013 Video Newsletter 
Rotary Street Fair
Lindero Canyon Bridge Construction Project
National Library Week
Update on Target Construction
Westlake Village Original Resident Roy Schaub

Watch the March 2013 Video Newsletter
White Oak Elementary Ellis Island Program
Lindero Canyon Bridge Construction Project
Summer Special Events
Sidewalk CPR

Watch the February 2013 Video Newsletter
Housing Rehabilitation Program
City's Recycling Programs
So Cal Gas Company Safety Tips

Watch the January 2013 Video Newsletter 
Youth Recreation Programs
Westlake Village Reads
Disaster Response Team
Sheriff's Department Juvenile Intervention team
Westlake Village Library Book Nook

Watch the December 2012 Video Newsletter
2012 The Year in Review