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Applications and Fees
Fee Schedule
Fees and application types with associated submittal requirements.

Fee Schedule

Development Application
Required for all projects involving City Council approval and for Temporary Use Permits. Not required for Sign permit, Zoning Clearances, or Fence Permits.

Any demolition of existing structures or portions there of, and new development that may generate solid waste is required to fill out Construction and Demolition Form 1 prior to commencing the project, and Form 2 within 45 days of project completion.

Development Application
Construction and Demolition Form 1
Construction and Demolition Form 2

Sign Permit Application
Required for new signs conforming to the City's adopted Sign Ordinance.  

Sign Permit

For signs which do not conform, use the Development Application above and check "Sign Modification Permit."

Fence Permit Application
Required for all new fences and walls over 42 inches in height.

Fence Permit

Temporary Use Permit Application
A Temporary Use is required for any short term use or event, such as street fairs, and requires a Hold Harmless form as part of its submittal process.

Temporary Use Permit
Hold Harmless Form

Oak Tree Permit
An Oak Tree Permit is required for any modification to, or proposed removal of a protected oak tree, beyond routine maintenance for the health of the tree.  Oak Tree Permits are heard by the City Council in a public hearing and require an application, an Oak Tree Permit Questionnaire, and an Oak Tree Report from a certified arborist or landscape architect.

Oak Tree Application
Oak Tree Permit Questionnaire

Landlord-Tenant Zoning Acknowledgement Form
An optional form, with no fee and generally over the counter approval, which allows tenants to determine whether their business is allowed in a particular location and protects landlords from penalty in the event of tenant uses which are not permitted by the City.

Landlord-Tenant Zoning Acknowledgement

For more information regarding this form please visit the "How to start a business in Westlake Village" page, or contact the Planing Department