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Special Event Request Form (Public Facilities)

  1. For Public Facility Use.

  2. Please list the number where we can reach you during the day.

  3. Please include set-up and take-down time.

  4. Please check all of the special items you are requesting.*

    If there is an additional item not covered by this list please select other. Please note all vendors will be required to have the liability and separate additional insured endorsement listing the required language.

  5. Please check the type of event you are requesting.*

    If your event type is not listed please choose other.

  6. Please click that you understand this form may require additional permits or paperwork under the discretion of the City Manager.*

    If you do not agree, your permit will not be considered complete and cannot be accepted.

  7. PDF files are required.

  8. PDF files are required.

  9. PDF files are required.

  10. PDF format only

  11. PDF format only.

  12. Please state yes or no. If no, what amount of the street are you requesting to be closed?

  13. PDF format only.

  14. Length of the proposed run/walk/parade

    Please check all that apply.

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