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Parks and Recreation

  1. 2018 Application to Use Community Rooms

    Please make sure to read the guidelines and use of the Community Rooms before submitting this form. Applications will require an... More…

  2. Bike/ Run/ Walk/ Parade Application

    To be filed not less than fifteen days nor more than sixty days before event.

  3. Oaks Christian Field Request Form

    In 2001, the City entered into a Use Agreement with Oaks Christian School "OCS" to develop athletic fields for use by OCS and the City... More…

  1. 2018 Community Service Grant Program Application

    The City’s 2018 Community Service Grant Program is intended to provide monetary grants to eligible community non-profit organizations.... More…

  2. Citizen and Youth of the Year Nomination Form 2018

    Each year the City Council recognizes outstanding youth and adult residents who have made a difference in enhancing and improving the... More…

  3. Westlake Village Community Park Sports Field Request Form

    Please submit this form in it's entirety in order to receive a permit to use the sports fields at the Westlake Village Community Park.... More…