What is being proposed?

A residential development project is proposed on three properties located at 5601, 5655, and 5701 Lindero Canyon Road (across from Valley Oaks Memorial Park and Costco). These properties are currently occupied by office buildings. The proposed project consists of 693 rental units and a small retail kiosk. The proposed units include a combination of studio, 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, and 3-bedroom apartments; and 3-bedroom “villas.” The proposed project would include 70 affordable units that would be restricted for rent to very low-income households.

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1. What is being proposed?
2. What size are the proposed units? Are the affordable units and bonus units the same size as the market-rate units?
3. What is a very low-income household? What rent do they pay?
4. Why is this rental housing? Can the City require for-sale housing?