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Posted on: December 21, 2017

Your City Takes Preparedness Seriously… So Should You!

With the recent fires effecting the region, the City of Westlake Village wants to remind you that we are constantly preparing to deal with the next big emergency. While dangerous wildfires may be at the forefront of our minds right now, the City undertakes considerable effort to ensure that we’re prepared to deal with threats of many kinds, ranging from wildfires and earthquakes all the way to terrorism and public health emergencies. To that end, the City maintains an Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) which addresses planned responses to different emergencies. Additionally, as a member of the Las Virgenes-Malibu Council of Governments, the City is also part of a Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan (HMP). While the EOP provides a framework for the City to respond to and recover from an unexpected emergency, the HMP guides the City to reduce the chances of major emergencies from happening.

The City of Westlake Village, as a contract city, partners with multiple agencies in order to provide public safety services. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is responsible for police services throughout the city, while the Los Angeles County Fire Department provides fire protection services. Both of these agencies are the primary responders for nearly all emergencies within the city, regardless of the size or type. The City works in conjunction with both of these agencies to carry out a variety of responsibilities outlined in the EOP, in line with State and Federal regulations, should an emergency warrant such a response.

In addition to our public safety services, to add a greater depth to our preparedness and response capabilities, the City has partnerships with volunteer groups such as the Westlake Village Disaster Response Team (DRT). The DRT is comprised of volunteers from within the city and neighboring areas who have completed extensive training and are equipped to assist first responders should the need arise.

If you’re interested in learning more about the City’s EOP, you can view a short excerpt below. The entire document is available for review at City Hall.  

Emergency preparedness is a responsibility that we all share.  Please take the time to assess your readiness to deal with a potential disaster.  To help guide you in that effort, the following link to the City’s website provides some important information and tips on this subject, including how to sign up to receive City emergency notifications:  Notify Me.   For further information, please contact Philippe Eskandar, Administrative Analyst, at City Hall (818) 706-1613.

Emergency Operations Plan Introduction

Ready, set, go:  Let’s all take emergency preparedness seriously!

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