Bids, RFPs and RFQs Opportunities

AS OF JUNE 27, 2023 - The City of Westlake Village is excited to announce we are now utilizing an Electronic Bidding Software, (PLANETBIDS), to streamline the procurement process.    CLICK HERE TO ACCESS OUR VENDOR PORTAL.

You must register to receive notifications for bids.  Register from the City of Westlake Village Vendor Portal "New Vendor Regisration" window.   

The City's Bids, Request for Proposals (RFP) and Request for Quotations (RFQ), notices and results are obtained through the City of Westlake Village Vendor Portal "Bid Opportunities" window.   

Vendor Reg Opens in new window

Bid Opportunities Opens in new window

All necessary forms, specifications and other bid documents may be viewed and downloaded electronically. Businesses who have registered in the Vendor Portal will receive email notices when a new request for bid or proposal relevant to their line of business is issued.  Any interested party may view the City’s solicitations, as well as the bid results and final notices of award, by logging into the Vendor Portal and using the search features to locate the items of interest.

The City’s policy is to award bids to the lowest responsive and responsible bidder. Requests for proposals are awarded to the company whose proposal provides the best overall value and best meets the needs of the City.

OLD Public Works and RFP Postings - reference only; will not be utilized for future bids, RFP's or RFQ's.