General Plan Technical Update

The City of Westlake Village is conducting an update to the City's General Plan.  This update is technical in nature, reflecting the changes on the ground that have occurred within the City over the last 25 years since the General Plan was last updated.  This update does not involve alterations to the existing General Plan's goals, policies, or implementation measures, except where the goals have been achieved, no longer apply, or have been added by requirements of the State Legislature.  The updates to the General Plan are still in a draft form and are subject to change, however, a Negative Declaration has been prepared and and the public comment period for the draft form of the Negative Declaration is open until November 23, 2018.   

For questions or comments relating to the draft General Plan Update or the Negative Declaration, please contact the Planning Department at 818-706-1613.  In addition to the digital format linked below, a copy of the draft General Plan and the accompanying Negative Declaration are available for public review at City Hall during normal business hours.

Please submit any comments to the Planning Department no later than November 23, 2018.

Please be advised that due to the size of the documents, they may take some time to download on some internet connections.