Oversized Vehicle Permits

Vehicles or trailers exceeding twenty-one (21) feet, eighty (80) inches in width, or eighty-two (82) inches in height may not park on any streets within the City for longer than four (4) hours at any one time. Vehicles which are in the active process of being loaded or unloaded can be parked up to 24 hours along with vehicles engaging in emergency repairs of a home or business. 

For temporary parking of recreational vehicles or trailers, a permit is required prior to the parking of said vehicle. All temporary oversized vehicle permit requests should be made at least five (5) business days in advance.  Additionally, permits are issued at the discretion of the City Manager, and application for an oversized vehicle permit does not guarantee its issuance.

To apply for an oversized vehicle permit, we require information about the vehicle, its location to be parked, and reason for stay.  Applications can be submitted via the ONLINE APPLICATION, or by contacting the City at 818-706-1613.

For additional questions relating to the need for an oversized vehicle permit, please contact us at 818-706-1613.