Do I need a Business License?

Who needs to obtain an LA County Business License

Not all businesses require a business license, but a handful of businesses in the City of Westlake Village will be required to obtain a Los Angeles County Business License Business License. The City contracts with Los Angeles County's Treasurer and Tax Collector to issue an LA County Business Licenses for both new and existing businesses in the City.

The Los Angeles County Treasurer and Tax Collector's office maintains a list of businesses that require a business license online, or by contacting them directly at 213-974-2011.

How do I go about getting a Business License?

Since the City of Westlake Village does not have its own Business License Department, we do not issue any businesses a City Business Licenses. All inquiries as to obtaining a license should be directed to LA County's Treasurer and Tax Collector's office.  In addition to their website linked above, they can also be reached via phone at 213-974-2011.

The first step before contacting LA County Treasurer and Tax Collector to obtain a license is determining if your business has the proper City approvals. If the business needs a Conditional Use Permit (CUP), that would be required prior to being able to obtain a business license to operate. If you are unsure if the business needs a CUP, check the City's Zoning code and map to determine the zone and allowable uses or contact the Planning Department at 818-706-1613.