Westlake Village Reads

Westlake Village Reads LogoThe City of Westlake Village, the Westlake Village Library, and Friends of the Westlake Village Library co-sponsor Westlake Village Reads, a One City One Book Program. Westlake Village Reads has established a program that places focus on a main theme rather than a single book. This year's theme is "Come Together: The Heart of Westlake Village." Past themes have been memoirs, food, families, nature, "Optimize Your Brain", "The Arts", and "Mystereads". The themes allow for multiple titles to be read by the community and a wide array of programming opportunities for all ages. The program involves a series of free events which have included movie screenings, book discussions, chocolate tasting, memoir writing, poetry workshops, spy camp, music, nature photography, brain fitness, and a social network seminar.

Westlake Village Reads will be a one-day multiple program event in February 2018. Westlake Village Reads is intended to encourage reading throughout the community by readers of all ages. All programs are free and open to the public. Every program will be held at the Westlake Village Civic Center at 31200 Oak Crest Drive.

For more information on this program, please call the City of Westlake Village at 818-706-1613.

Westlake Village Reads 2017 Program: Come together: the Heart of westlake village 

Saturday Feb 10 11 am - 3 pm

Special 1-Day Event with two sets of programs for all ages and an interactive non-profit activity fair and food truck to bring the community together.

11:00 AM Programs

Children's Program: Michael McCarty's International Folktales

Using folktales, historical, and personal accounts, Michael’s stories will spark the imagination and stimulate the grey matter in a way that’s entertaining and engaging. Michael has traveled to many countries including: South Africa, Zimbabwe, India, China, Jamaica, Russia, Egypt, England, Malaysia, Korea…and his travels have reaped a harvest of tales that testify to the unity within the diversity of the human spirit. Sponsored by the LA County Library.

Teen Program: Glass Art Workshop 

This one hour workshop is an introduction to the ancient art of glass fusing. Teens will learn layering and assembly techniques while designing and creating their own art-glass sun-catcher! Ages 12-18. Sponsored by the Friends of the Westlake Village Library. 

Adult and Senior Program: Write a Memoir to Share Your Story By Dr. Karen Gorback

Not an autobiography, a memoir is a slice a life. It’s the view you frame through the lens of a camera rather than an entire landscape. Writing a memoir is fun and doable. Bring a pad of paper and pen to take notes and jot down the beginning of your own memoir.

Lunch Program

Purchase a tasty treat from a local food truck "Farm and Flame" while you meet local non-profit groups and continue to foster community for those less fortunate. Current participating non-profits are: Americans Supporting Americans, California Wildlife Center, Friends of the Westlake Village Library, Great Race of Agoura, Manna Food Bank, Many Mansions, and Triunfo YMCA.

List of items to bring for collection: California Wildlife Collections

Americans Supporting Americans Items for solider care packages: babywipes, hand sanitizers, power bars, dried fruit, raisins, nuts, gum, candy, coffee, tea, athletic socks, lip balm, cotton swabs, jerky, snack size trial mix, soup, beef stew, dvds, cds, puzzles, pens, greetings cards, pipe cleaners, oatmeal, toothpaste, applesauce, fruit cups, travel shampoos, soaps, conditions. 

Many Mansion Donations: Click here for the flier.

Manna Food bank- collecting non-perishable food items- canned or boxed.

1:00 PM Programs

Children's Program: Jay Leslie's Magical Anti-Bullying & Positive Self-Esteem Program (due to unforeseen circumstances, Mr. Leslie is unable to attend. The program will still continue with Michael Mezmer as the headliner)

What is self-esteem? Why it is important, and how do we develop it? With audience participation, Jay’s magic shows children how to avoid peer pressure (including bullying), and negative influences by friends. The program ends with a straight jacket escape where an impossible problem is solved one step at a time with Jay proving that information, practice, and self confidence opens doors to those who wish to become a better person. Sponsored by the Friends of the Westlake Village Library. 

Teen Program: Creative Writing Workshop 

Award-winning author April Wayland will lead a dynamic creative writing/poetry workshop for Teens! This fun and energetic workshop is perfect for anyone that loves to write! Ages 12-18. Sponsored by the Friends of the Westlake Village Library. 

Adult and Senior Program: Healthy Mindful Living - The Art of Happiness: Reducing Stress & Enhancing Compassion for Yourself and Others

This seminar will cover how to increase happiness, reduce stress and distractions, improve self-awareness and harmony in your life. Healthy Mindful Living Coach Lindsay Leimbach will guide participants to use knowledge, personal understanding, and simple meditative techniques to foster peace and happiness in themselves. Topics include how we can change our brain to build a stronger foundation of happiness in our mind, understands what limits our happiness, and promote internal peace and harmony.