General Plan

Westlake Village is updating the Housing Element of the General Plan as required by State law. Please visit the Housing Element update page for more information.

Westlake Village General Plan

The Westlake Village General Plan is the City’s "blueprint" for development policy. The General Plan is a document mandated by California State law. There are seven mandatory topics (or "Elements") that must be covered in a City’s General Plan:

Land Use - Designates the location, general intensity, and use of the land for residential, commercial, industrial, public/institutional facilities, open space, and other uses. This element includes a Land Use Map that shows the location of the various land uses. View Land Use Map.

Circulation - Indicates the location and composition of the City’s roadways and bikeways, public transit routes, and other mobility systems.

Housing - Identifies the City’s housing needs and provides strategies for the production of housing for current and future residents of Westlake Village. The City’s 2013-2021 Housing Element is adopted under a separate cover, and updated more frequently than the rest of the General Plan.  The Housing Element can be downloaded by clicking the link below. The City is currently updating the Housing Element for the 2021-2029 housing cycle. Please visiting the Housing Element update page for more information.

Conservation - Addresses the conservation and utilization of natural, cultural, historical, and archaeological resources within the City, including water, soils, minerals, air quality, as well as plant and animal resources.

Open Space - Identifies open space resources in the community and strategies for protection and preservation of these resources.

Noise - Identifies existing and potential noise sources within the City and strategies to minimize the exposure of residents to noise and to mitigate noise impacts to the extent feasible.

Safety - Plans for the welfare and safety of the citizens and their property by identifying and mitigating potential effects of natural and man-made disasters, including, but not limited to, flooding, fires, geologic hazards and hazardous materials.

The structure of Westlake Village’s General Plan is such that while these topics are all adequately addressed, the individual elements are not organized into separate chapters as they are in the General Plans of some other cities. Questions regarding the General Plan may be directed to the Planning Department.

The City’s currently adopted General Plan can be viewed here.

The City’s currently adopted Housing Element can be viewed here.