Application Forms and Handouts

All planning applications are accepted electronically. Please contact the Planning Department at or 818-706-1613 for submittal information.

Development and use permits

The Development and Use Permit Application covers all permits that require City Council approval.  Permits pertaining to land development or entitlement, new or significant construction, conditional or special uses, and land divisions all use the development application. Additionally, the development application is used to establish a new sign program, or to alter or deviate from an existing sign program as a 'Sign Modification Permit.'

Development and Use Permit Application

Fee Schedule

construction and demolition

Any demolition of existing structures or portions there of, and new development that may generate solid waste is required to fill out Construction and Demolition Form 1 prior to commencing the project, and Form 2 within 45 days of project completion.
Construction and Demolition Form 1
Construction and Demolition Form 2

Fence Permit

Required for all new fences and walls over 42 inches in height.
Fence Permit

SB 35 Multifamily Housing Streamlining

Senate Bill 35 requires streamlined review of qualifying multifamily housing projects when requested by the applicant and when certain criteria are met.

SB 35 Streamlined Approval Process Eligibility Checklist