Financial Management

Administrative Services

The City Manager is responsible for the overall administration and management of the City, and serves as the CEO of the City organization. The City Manager is appointed by, and serves at, the pleasure of the City Council.

Several examples of administrative / management activities directed by the City Manager and his staff include:

  • Planning, directing, coordinating and reviewing operations of all departments and contracts
  • Assisting residents, businesses, and community organizations in activities related to the City
  • Advising the City Council on the entire range of activities and programs
  • Assisting the City Council in the development of policies and programs, and then ensuring implementation of all decisions of the City Council
  • Oversee City contracts which provide various municipal services, including law enforcement, fire protection, public works, community services, etc.
  • Negotiating service contracts and monitoring contractors’ ongoing performance
  • Overseeing preparation of all City Council agenda packets
  • Preparing staff reports and reviewing other departmental reports
  • Preparing the annual City budget for review and approval by the City Council
  • Developing annual fiscal health reports and ten-year budget forecasts each fiscal year
  • Assisting the City Council committees in evaluating programs and projects
  • Serving as liaison to the local chamber of commerce and assisting in business attraction, retention, and providing risk management services

Financial Management

Under the auspices of the Assistant City Manager, this office is responsible for the administration of the City’s finance system, including:

  • The in-house accounting system
  • Accounts payable and receivable
  • Monthly and annual finance reports
  • Warrants and warrant register
  • City investments
  • Annual audit process
  • State Controller’s Report
  • Bank accounts / statements

The Finance staff also assists the City Manager in preparing the annual Budget, Fiscal Health Report, and Ten-Year Budget Forecast.